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I am Callie.  I am a mom, a counselor, a wife, and I really love being all 3.  The best thing about being a mom, is that it has changed me in ways that I never thought possible.  My life will forever be different, defined by someone else, never again my own.

I have an amazing husband who loves and hates how honest and forward I am.  And he is constantly reminding me that not everyone thinks like I do and not everyone wants to know what I think (although, I think he’s wrong).  He has the patience of a saint, loves me for all of my faults, and laughs with me… and only laughs at me when I deserve it.

I have a wonderful and fulfilling job working with children and families who just need a little help making transitions and changes in their lives.  Working with my clients and watching them change and grow helps me to be a better person and, ultimately, a better wife and mother.

I have 2 amazing children…
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He is the most rambunctious and loving toddler you will ever meet. He came out running at 90 miles an hour and hasn’t stopped. He smiles bigger and screams louder than I ever knew possible. He has taught me how to be stronger, smarter, cautious, and forgiving. I love him to the moon and back.


LUKE img_20161006_122049222.jpg20160928_0936_806.jpg

He is the newest addition to our clan. He is a really awesome baby who laughs a ton.  He is so chunky and squeezable and is a pretty chill baby most of the time. He’s basically a rockstar.


We live in North Carolina and LOVE it!  I am a Tar Heel to the core. I use my southern roots and love of family to guide me in my daily life and help me to build and maintain my relationships.

My goals for this blog are to 1- have a creative outlet for myself so that my husband doesn’t have to hear me talk about the same stuff over and over again.  And 2- provide a place for moms like me to hear that it is okay to be honest about all that comes with being a mom.  The good and the bad… and know that it is okay to say what you are feeling and thinking out loud.  Or you can simply type it and send it out into the universe and someone will respond.  Let the honesty begin…

  1. Hi there,
    This website is wonderful and be a follower from now on for sure! I just wanted to share my story because I am a young mom like you and have a WILD story. I honestly do not want to be contacted, I just want to share my story. Wanted to give my details, just for kicks (no pun intended!) So, here goes…we have two sets of boy twins, another sweet boy, and I am due in less than a month with another boy! That’s right, we will have SIX boys….But wait, it gets better! My twin boys are exactly 9.5 months apart!!! Yep, you read correctly…months!!! My ob/gyn declared me a super fertile mama because I had my first set at 22 and my second set at 22 as well. I married my high school sweetheart right out of college, and we honeymooned in romantic Paris. On that trip, we were not doing much on the prevention side. Actually more than times than not, we just got caught up and forgot! I mean it was our honeymoon! When I got home after 12 days, I just knew I was pregnant. I could just feel it! You know, right? A quick trip to the drugstore confirmed my assumptions (although I did take five pregnancy tests just to be sure,) and my doctor confirmed twins two weeks later. I had a really blissful pregnancy and gave birth on my due date. I felt really, really great right after the birth, and we thought we were in the clear birth control wise. Honestly, it had not occurred to me to start up the pill, since I had never taken it. My husband and I have always used the withdrawal method, except obviously in Paris and while preggers. Thank goodness you don’t need contraception then. After I had the babies, I immediately asked my doctor about intercourse, he gave us the go ahead for sex right away, no waiting. If I am being honest, we were very, very eager! Even though we were able to have sex almost up until the end, we just needed it. We obviously started right when I got home from the hospital! I was breast feeding, and we just were really enjoying our time with the newborns and each other (a lot, I might add!), but something seemed off with me fairly soon. I had very swollen breasts, was very, very nauseous, and my hormones were raging, you know the drill. I did have what a thought was a menstrual period for five days; so, I assumed I was in the clear. Eventually I had a routine doctor´s appointment, and I mentioned to my doctor how sick I had been feeling. He gave me puzzled look and asked me about contraception, and I answered that we were not using any most of the time because I was breastfeeding. After hearing we had been having very regular intercourse, he immediately sent me to the lab for a pregnancy test. BOOM! It confimed I was indeed expecting, and it just so happened to be twins again! In fact, when I went to the doctor, my babies were four months old, and I was three and a half months along. No wonder I felt puffy. Very,very rare, but it happens! Apparently you are very fertile after giving birth. We were shocked to say the least, but we were delighted! The second set of twins came along, and we knew we wanted more kiddos; so, we thought instead of waiting, let’s throw caution to the wind, and I got pregnant almost immediately. This time did consult my doctor beforehand, and he declared it very possible if it is something we wanted. So, very shortly after I got home, we got the green light again for sex. We all know what can happen with unprotected intercourse, and it did. Now my boys are 11 times 2, 10 times 2, and my other sweet son is 9. He was born 11 months to the day after the last set of twins. A small kind of a surprise, but as I mentioned we were also planning it! Yes, we have our hands full, but we would not have it any other way. My husband was in med school for many of the young years, but we made it work! For years, I thought we were totally finished with babies and some of the time we used withdrawal, and when we did not, I was not preggers, but guess what? Three late periods is not early menopause as I thought I was going into…I am due 25 March with another baby boy. I guess I should have figured it out. I was so sick right away, and my breasts got so tender and huge. When I went to the doctor, he honestly laughed (which I totally get!) and did not have much explanation for me, only that our choice contraception (or lack thereof) is not 100 percent. Honestly, of course we know this, but for years we have been able to have sex at any time of the month (and we do) with some casual contraception when we feel it is needed. This pregnancy seemed to conceive just a day or two before my period was to start. Oh my! I am so,so excited. Morning sickness has been terrible, and my hormones have been crazy, but ready to start life as a family of 8.
    Sorry to ramble on, but I thought you would enjoy my story. If you are wondering, my doctor is amazed. He said my fertility is way crazy, and my cycles can not be predicted. Duh…my husband is also a doctor, but he is an orthopedic surgeon. He told me after this baby is born, he will be buying a truckload of condoms! Apparently we need to double protect ourselves or at least try, but as we all know some times it is just difficult. This is a wild ride, but I am young and happy! Thankfully I have never minded being pregnant, and I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but I think you will understand since you appreciate honesty…We love the intimacy of having sex, especially while pregnant. Yes, our “frequency”(which admittedly is a lot!) has gotten us some surprise pregnancies, but they have been the best. There I said it. I am sure many women feel this way. We always wanted a big family. People tend to ask me if I know how I got this way? ! What a comment…yes, I do, and that will not stop. In fact, I know for a fact my husband is planning a very, very special homecoming for me! Only this time condoms will be involved almost for sure!

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