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I am Callie.  I am a new mom, a counselor, a wife, and I really love being all 3.  The best thing about being a mom, is that it has changed me in ways that I never thought possible.  My life will forever be different, defined by someone else, never again my own .THe best place to be...

I have an amazing husband who loves and hates how honest and forward I am.  And he is constantly reminding me that not everyone thinks like I do and not everyone wants to know what I think.  He has the patience of a saint, loves me for all of my faults, and laughs with me… and only laughs at me when I deserve it.

I have an amazing job working with children and families who just need a little help making transitions and changes in their lives.  Working with my clients and watching them change and grow helps me to be a better person and, ultimately, a better wife and mother.

We live in North Carolina and LOVE it!  I am a Tar Heel to the core.  I use my southern roots and love of family to guide me in my daily life and help me to build and maintain my relationships.

My goals for this blog are to 1- have a creative outlet for myself so that my husband doesn’t have to hear me talk about the same stuff over and over again.  And 2- provide a place for moms like me to hear that it is okay to be honest about all that comes with being a mom.  The good and the bad… and know that it is okay to say what you are feeling and thinking out loud.  Or you can simply type it and send it out into the universe and someone will respond.  Let the honesty begin…

About Callie

I'm a mom and a counselor. I want people to be able to talk about everything, show the real side of parenting, admit their faults, and celebrate their successes.

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