Toys R Us Complaint

I have a complaint. Last week, Noah’s teacher informed us that he constantly plays with the baby dolls in class. She said that he hugs and kisses them, puts them to bed in their cribs, and carries them around everywhere. Noah is a very loving and affectionate kid and this news about him at daycare made me smile. His teacher suggested that, if we didn’t have a problem with it (she was very diplomatic when she brought up the topic), that we get him some baby dolls for him to play with at home.

Of course we would love for him to have baby dolls at home! I love the fact that Noah wants to kiss and hug us- and everyone else. I think it is wonderful and should be cherished and encouraged. Thank you, Miss Kristin, for bringing this wonderful news to our attention.

But you haven’t heard the complaint yet.

On my lunch break today, I drove to Toys R Us. Because this store is so huge and overwhelming, I immediately find a store associate and ask, “Do you have any baby dolls appropriate for boys?” You would have thought that I asked for a screaming purple monkey. This woman completely glazed over and stared at me as though I were speaking a different language. She asked for clarification by saying, “You mean action figures?” I replied (in a slightly elevated tone), “No. I mean baby dolls appropriate for boys.”

I realized I was getting nowhere and supplemented my request with, “you know, like a boy Cabbage Patch Kid?”

She finally figured out that I was not crazy and walked me over to the pinkest and most princess-laden section in the store. Everything was covered in Cinderella or Belle and sparkled with pink glitter. In a small section were three rows of Cabbage Patch Kids. I finally told the woman I could figure it out from here (because her utter disbelief was making me angry) and I began to rummage through the dolls.

There was 1 boy Cabbage Patch Kid. ONE!! Of the 40+ Cabbage Patch Kids, there was 1!

All the other dolls were fairies or princesses or mermaids for goodness sake! Who needs a mermaid Cabbage Patch Kid???

So, aggravated with this isle, I perused the other doll selections. I could not find a single baby doll that was not slathered in pink from head to toe. And, don’t get me wrong. I am not opposed to boys playing with pink or liking pink. Noah’s favorite crayon in the box used to be the pink crayon (until our dog, Poplar, found it lying around and ate it- now Noah likes the red crayon). But I want him to have a baby doll that looks like him or that he can relate to. And I don’t want to constantly explain my opinions on dolls to strangers and family members who question the pink doll.

Seriously people- it is 2013. Make a boy doll!

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