Noah- the artist

I have been wanting to post this for over a month now but, since this project was Noah’s Christmas present to his family, I had to be patient so that everyone could be surprised.

When Noah started preschool, my refrigerator doors began to fill up way too quickly with random smudgy art, tattered construction paper covered in cotton balls and glitter, and different colored hand prints smooshed on paper plates.  At first, all of this art was so precious and I treasured everything his teachers sent home.  That lasted about a month.

After that, I began to dread walking into his classroom and seeing another piece of artwork in his cubby that I had to take home, squeeze onto the fridge, and then feel guilty about throwing away.  [Which, by the way, I still can’t bring myself to do.  I have several boxes full of random art that I just know will make me a bad mother if I throw it away.]

I had to come up with a way to enjoy his art again.  That first month of treasures felt so good.  I didn’t want to be bitter about his wonderful creativity anymore.  I decided to do something about it.


At Michaels, they sell packs of blank canvases.  I bought a pack of 7, a pack of kid-friendly paint brushes that included all different sizes of sponges and bristled brushes, and some Crayola washable paints.  We put a sheet down on the carpet, put a towel over his little table, and let him go to town.

At first, he was a little hesitant (he is not a big fan of getting messy) but it only took a few canvases and he was all about the art.  He used all of the brushes and sponges and, eventually, got his hands in the paint as well.  Right as he would get one canvas to (what I would consider) a nice place, I would swap it out for a new one.  He loved it!


Once we had made our way through all of the canvases, I set them aside to let them dry.  I later signed his name with the year at the bottom.  I wrapped them individually to give as Christmas gifts to the family and everyone seemed so excited to have an original work of art from Noah.  He was beaming with pride as his family opened their presents from him.



Now, I also have original artwork from Noah hanging in my office at work.  I am not bitter about it and it makes me smile every time I look at it.  I might even hire him out to create original pieces for my coworkers… at the right price!


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  1. We absolutely love our piece of Noah’s art work. It has been hung in a very special place in our living room and we get to enjoy it every day.

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