The Swimming Pool- Boys vs. Girls

This weekend, we were fortunate enough to be able to go over to a friend’s house for a play-date and they live in a neighborhood that has an awesome swimming pool.  Well, of course, Noah was beyond excited about it for days and, when Saturday finally rolled around, he shot out of bed and spent the entire morning asking if it was time to go swimming yet.

So, after he ate his second breakfast (yes- I said second breakfast- he had French toast as soon as he woke up and then wanted biscuits about 20 minutes later), everyone got their swimsuits on, lathered on the sunscreen, and headed off to our play-date.

We get to their house and Jason (who is 5 years old) is just as excited as Noah is.  Apparently, he had been asking about Noah’s arrival all morning.  However, Isabella (who is 2 ½) had been casually getting ready, looking at herself in the mirror, and watching “Sofia” on TV.

We gather all of the children together, walk down to the swimming pool, Jason immediately dives in, and Noah, who cannot swim yet, looks like he is about to explode if I don’t get in the pool right now so that he can jump in.  Isabella, finds a lounge chair, lays out her towel, and sits down to observe the situation (she doesn’t even want to take her cover-up off just yet).

I get in the pool, Noah gets in the pool, and Jason starts to “pretend attack” Noah with a giant toy crocodile.  Well, now Noah wants all of his toys in the pool too.  Because I have been freakishly busy and because Noah has decided that it is not cool to sleep anymore, I was not coherent enough to pack pool toys to bring with us.  I brought a float for Noah, snacks, and sunscreen.  That’s it.

Matt runs back to the truck, scrounges up the random cars, dinosaurs, and plastic animals that are lying in the floorboard, and brings them in.  Fortunately, it is enough to make Noah happy.  The boys “pretend attack” each other and are having a blast.  Isabella looks up at how much fun they are having.  She decides to venture towards the pool.  She climbs into her pink police car floatie and, casually, motors around them to see if their fun is worth a closer look.

Jason “attacks” her with the toy crocodile.  She does not like it.

All of a sudden, Gladys, Jason and Isabella’s mom, yells, “Oh my gosh!  A frog is in the pool!”  A frog, about 2 inches long, wanted to take a dip in the community pool.  Noah, of course, thinks this is the coolest thing that has ever happened.  Jason thinks this is the coolest thing that has ever happened.  Gladys, Isabella, and every other woman who was also at the pool that day, thinks this is the most horrible thing that has ever happened, ever.

I, personally, think frogs are really cool.  I swim over to it, flatten my hand, and scoop up the frog.  Noah and Jason, obviously, want to touch it.  They gently touch the frog a couple of times and I ask Isabella if she would like to see it too.  The look on her face was priceless.  It was as though I had asked her if she would like to stick her hand in a bucket of poop.  I climbed out of the pool and placed the frog outside of the fence into the grass.  [Noah later told all of his family that he had been swimming in a giant pool full of frog soup!]

With the frog excitement over, Noah spent the next hour jumping into the pool so I could catch him.  I think he probably jumped in about 37 times.  I would place him on the edge of the pool and, before I would even have time to get my feet set, he would thrust himself off the edge, throw his arms in the air, pull his knees up to ears, grinning so big his cheeks hurt, and splash water all over his mommy.  After each time exclaiming, “I want to do it again!” 10577080_10102186305542988_5184201129484865357_n


Isabella, in case you were wondering, is still lounging.

By now, I’m exhausted and I am guessing Noah has probably worked up an appetite.  I convince him to go have a snack and he reluctantly agrees.  He climbs up next to Isabella and they both enjoy a sampling of fruit snacks, goldfish, and teddy grahams.  Every now and then, Isabella gives Noah a side-eyed look that says something like, “Why are boys so weird?”  Meanwhile, Noah feeds the crocodile goldfish, talks about how awesome the pool is, and keeps speculating about what the frog is doing now.

Eventually, Isabella jumped into the pool too, however, with much more caution.  Eventually, she was curious about Noah’s dinosaur toy but in a nonchalant kind of way.  But, all in all, she was perfectly content to hang out in her polka dot bikini and observe the happenings at the pool.

I can only imagine how many more times I will be amazed at the differences between boys and girls.  I can also only imagine how many more times Noah will jump in the pool.  And, eventually, he won’t need me to catch him anymore.


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